Braun Strowman Reportedly Making Big Move To Impact Wrestling


Braun Strowman was released from the WWE back in on June 2nd in what was a shocking move at the time for a star of his caliber. Strowman had a hefty contract with the company, and with budget cuts still ongoing they made a decision to let him go.

Since that time Strowman has been keeping busy and keeping it the best shape of his life…not like he really had to do much, but still. He also teased a reunion with Bray Wyatt wherever he chooses to go next. This is where things gets interesting.

We’ve learned at The Ringside Roster that Braun Strowman is now expected to sign with Impact Wrestling once he’s able to do so. That won’t be long from now either as his 90 day non-compete clause with WWE expires on September 2nd.

Impact Wrestling has their biggest show of the year Bound For Glory on October 23rd, 2021 and some huge surprises are sure to go down. Strowman being one of them is very likely at this point.

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