WWE RAW Results 8-15-22 – Ezekiel’s Family Supports Ezekiel in the Hospital & Rey Fights Back!


WWE RAW Results 8-15-22


Below are the WWE RAW results 8-15-22: 

Judgment Day heads into the ring and talk about how they “run Monday Night Raw,” which is a harsh reality to the Mysterios. Finn announces that the Mysterios aren’t here because of their attack on Dominik last week.

Priest asks the audience if they want to see Edge confront Judgement Day. The crowd roars with chants of yes and Priest says TOO BAD because Edge is not there. He is in Toronto, Canada. Priest makes it clear that he is not “sweating” Edge and that he is going to put the final nail in the coffin of Edge’s career. Priest announces that he is going to send Edge into retirement and how in their match it will only be him and Edge – no Balor and no Ripley. 

Rey Mysterio attacks the Judgment Day from behind. He stands in the ring with Ripley and she taunts him telling him to hit her. Finn attempts to take advantage and come in with a chair but Rey is one step ahead and brings the fight back to Balor and Priest. He stops as he sees Ripley. Finn and Priest continue the fight and Ripley takes out Rey with a DDT on the chair. Judgment day continues the attack and they stand victorious in the middle of the ring. 

Women’s tag Team Championship Tournament: Asuka & Alexa Bliss vs Nikki ASH & Doudrop 

As Alexa Bliss and Asuka come out, Bianca Belair comes out to provide support. 

Asuka makes Doudrop submit, capturing the win for Asuka & Alexa Bliss. After the match, Bailey, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai confront Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss which results in a brawl. Security comes to break up the fight. 

Theory talks about how he learned from his past mistakes but the next time he chooses to cash in his contract, he will be successful. Dolph Ziggler interrupts Theory’s interview and talks about how he was never handed the contract which means when he cashed in his contract, it meant something. Theory calls Ziggler a “has-been” and says he ruined his career, something Theory will never do. Dolph breaks and attacks Theory. After the commercial break, the two are shown still fighting backstage. Officials come to break the two up. 

During an interview backstage, Ciampa talks about how he came to RAW to be a champion despite his loss to Bobby Lashley and the next time he gets a chance at a championship, he will be successful. The Miz talks about how the only reason why Ciampa is not champion is because of AJ Styles. The Miz gives him a necklace he made in honor of Ciampa’s efforts last week. Ciampa says it’s awesome and The Miz says that “no, THEY are awesome.” 

Ciampa & The Miz vs Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali 

Alexander and Ali talk about how they are going to take advantage of this opportunity and they will do it tonight. During the match, The Miz is almost pinned but Ciampa comes to his rescue. Mustafa Ali kicks Ciampa sending him over the commentator’s table. 

Ciampa & The Miz defeat Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali. 

A picture of Ezekiel is shown laying in a hospital bed surrounded by his family. A video of Ernie JR. (aka Ezekiel’s dad) says he wants to get his hands on Kevin Owens after what he did to his son. 

Drew McIntyre is shown walking backstage.

Drew McIntyre enters the ring and greets the fans. He talks about his match against Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle. He talks about how he is going to win the title on his island! He confirms that he has a back injury but he says its because he is carrying 20 men on his back for 3 years! He talks about potential matches and is interrupted by Kevin Owens. 

Kevin Owens talks about how McIntyre is pretending to be someone he is not. He says that he is delusional for saying he is carrying anyone’s load. Owens says that he has been the same person since the start of his career. 

Owens says he realized that this was the same arena he and Zayn fought in 6 years ago and says he realized he is missing something. So its time to bring back “The Prize Fighter.” Owens claims that he is going after anyone who has a championship, especially the WWE Universal Title. 

McIntyre talks about how he is sick of people making things up “for a cheap reaction.” McIntyre talks about his journey in WWE, including how he was fired, how hard he worked his a** off since then, and how he beat everyone. McIntyre says it is time for them to stop talking and to do what they are made to do, wrestle and tonight! Owens accepts after claiming that McIntyre is “no prize.” 

Drew McIntyre vs. Kevin Owens 

During the match, as McIntyre is waiting for KO to get up so he can hit a Claymore, The Usos come out of no where and attack McIntyre. McIntyre throws The Usos out of the ring and KO hits him with a Stunner. After Owens leaves the ring, The Usos stand over Drew and raise their fists. McIntyre stands up and attacks back, standing victorious in the middle of the ring. He tells The Usos to tell Reigns that he will see him on Friday Night Smackdown and he cannot wait. 

KO wins via DQ over Drew McIntyre. 

Riddle is seen getting ready for an interview and Rollins comes out to the ring. Rollins says that he is excited for Riddle’s interview from “his mother’s basement.” He wanted to have a front seat and be one of the first to celebrate “Riddle’s retirement.” Riddle interrupts and calls Rollins trash. 

Riddle announces that he is medically cleared and the next time he sees Rollins its on! Rollins taunts Riddle and says that the outcome is the same, which is him stomping Riddle’s head into the mat. Rollins wishes that Riddle was here and Riddle reveals that he is here in DC. He runs to the ring and attacks Rollins. The two fight around the ring and on the commentator’s table, but this time Riddle is the one with the upper hand. Riddle chases down Rollins through the crowd. 

Riddle is interviewed by Kevin Patrick. He issues a challenge for a match at Clash of The Castle. 

Veer Mahaan vs. Beaux Keller 

Veer Mahaan defeats Beaux Keller via submission. 

Dakota Kai, Bailey, and Iyo Sky talk about how they are going to win continue winning their matches especially the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Kai stops the interview and walks away to ask if Dana Brooke is ready for today, in which Brooke says that she is ready “24/7” and she is not scared. Kai says that fear is a motivator and maybe she should be scared. Dexter Lumis was seen hiding behind boxes and sneaking around in back of the women.


AJ Styles vs. Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship

During their match, a man is seen jumping the barricade and is immediately ambushed by security who wrangle him back over the barricade as The Miz watches from the sidelines. The show abruptly goes to commercial. It was later identified that the man as none other than Dexter Lumis. Bobby Lashley pins AJ Styles and retains the United States Championship.

Dakota Kai vs. Dana Brooke 

Dakota Kai pins Dana Brooke. 

Theory vs. Dolph Ziggler 

During the match, Theory attempts to cheat by pinning Ziggler and putting his feet on the ropes. The official sees but decides to allow the match to continue. After a grueling match, Theory defeats Dolph Ziggler and celebrates by taking a selfie in the ring. 

WWE RAW Theory Results

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