Stomping Grounds Could Be The Exciting, New Reset WWE Needs

WWE Stomping Grounds
Let’s face it, WWE is struggling to keep viewers tuned in to their product. It seems like it is the same stuff over and over.

Same matches, ongoing storylines that should’ve ended a month ago, and the same people getting title opportunities. The most over guy in the company is a near fifty year old man running away from jobbers while carrying a title that looks like something you would find at your local general store. And I’m not saying that to sound negative about Truth and the 24/7 Championship segments because I absolutely love them, but it should show just how stale the current product currently is.

Yet all hope is not lost. This Sunday, WWE is holding a brand new pay-per-view event, Stomping Grounds, in a city that has never hosted a WWE pay-per-view before. It just seems like the right time for WWE to go in reset mode and get itself back on track.

When you look at the card for Stomping Grounds, a lot of the matches are the same we’ve seen over the past month. Dolph Ziggler, Baron Corbin, and Lacey Evans are all getting rematches against the top titles in the WWE.

One other interesting stat is that both the Raw Tag Team Titles and the Intercontinental Championship are not being defended on this show. That’s okay because the card looks like it could be really good with some intriguing stories behind them.

First, we have Seth Rollins versus Baron Corbin, with a special guest referee of Corbin’s choosing. The unknown surrounding that decision is what’s keeping fans intrigued in that match.

Then we have Kofi Kingston defending his WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler inside a steel cage. No interference here, just two great wrestlers going to war with each other.

But the match I’m looking forward to the most is for the United States Championship. Samoa Joe will be defending against Ricochet, probably the hottest guy on the roster right now.

Both of these guys can fly around the ring and work a quick pace. Joe is going to have a tough challenge ahead of him in what seems to be a match full of highlights.

WWE has a chance to use Stomping Grounds for exactly what its name represents, a place for the newer talent to cut their teeth in the business and make names for themselves.

Expect superstars like Lacey Evens and Heavy Machinery to take full advantage of that and take their respective opponents to the limit. It can put an end to the current storylines that have gone on way too long. It can be a chance to show the world that WWE is not dying.

With AEW around, many are speculating that they are the ones who will eventually overtake WWE. Vince McMahon should use Stomping Grounds to put those rumors to bed and remind the world WWE is still the top dog of the professional wrestling business.

Don’t sleep on Stomping Grounds, for it could be the show of the year with all the possibilities it has.


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