The 24/7 Championship is the most meaningful championship in WWE.


Would you have ever guessed that a cheap looking green and yellow belt would become the focal point of some of the greatest segments on WWE today? When the title was first introduced by Mick Foley, I immediately thought of the Hardcore Championship back in the latter years of the Attitude Era. It became less about hardcore and more about what we now call the “24/7” rule. This means that the title can be defended at any time and any place. That Hardcore Championship was defended in places like shopping malls and hotel rooms. While the hardcore aspect is nonexistent, the “any time, any place” aspect is still there. Golf courses, runways at airports, and even under the wrestling ring are all places used so far for title defenses. It works. My goodness does it ever work.

Let’s first look at the current title holder, R Truth. This guy has taken this opportunity and smacked it right out of the park. Everything dealing with him is turned to gold. He has made WWE watchable when it seems like everything else (besides Firefly Fun House) is missing the mark. With Carmella by his side, R Truth always manages to escape the circumstances that arises. Sometimes that even gets him involved with other matches higher up on the card. Recall a few weeks ago when Cesaro pulled out a table during his match against Ricochet and Truth was laying on top of the table. It was a hysterical moment that brought the 24/7 Championship to a main focal point of the show. Even Shane McMahon had a segment involving the 24/7 Championship during an episode of Smackdown. It also got Roman Reigns involved, helping Truth defeat Elias to win back the title. Truth, with all of his jokes and humor, is helping build this championship as one that should be viewed in a positive and serious light.

Truth isn’t the only superstar who benefits from this title. Drake Maverick has become one of my favorites to watch simply because of his segments with Truth. The wanted posters, asking random people if they’ve seen Truth, and bantering back and forth about how he isn’t Hornswoggle are some of the funniest things I’ve seen on WWE programming this year. It’s also showcasing guys like EC3, Cedric Alexander, Jinder Mahal, and Robert Roode. Fans want to be quick and call this title a “jobber” title. Maybe it is, but at least it’s giving these guys television time. Let’s analyze this for a second. The tag team division seems to be dying on the main roster. The War Raiders, The Viking Raiders, The Raiders of the Lost Ark, or whatever you want to call them are nowhere to be seen after being a dominating team on NXT. AOP returned at Super Showdown but it doesn’t seem like they will be on television anytime soon. Heck, these so called “jobbers” are getting more television time than Daniel Bryan! Who knew that would ever be the case? It is in 2019, because the fans are being entertained by this particular title.

We all know that there are many problems in WWE from top to bottom. The 24/7 Championship is one of the few bright spots of the shows. It starts with R Truth and how amazing he is in the role given to him. He is also helping in the rise of Drake Maverick as an on screen character and is helping get Carmella some television time when she wouldn’t receive any just as a part of the women’s division. Then you have to thank all the other guys like Jinder and Heath for giving us entertaining segments as well. At first, this idea came off as a joke. Now, it’s one of the only things that isn’t a joke. Enjoy what this title brings to the table and to our television screens. Why? Because this title is giving more worth right now than any other title on the show.