WWE & Funko Releasing New Bray Wyatt Holiday Funko Pop After He Was Released


Bray Wyatt was released from WWE on July 31st due to ongoing budget cuts…and perhaps some deep rooted personal and creative differences between him and the company. Either way the popular Wyatt is no longer with the company.

Bray Wyatt will be able to sign a new contract with another company 90 days after his release should he choose to do so. We’re all waiting to see where he shows up next, but it appears his release isn’t stopping the WWE merchandise machine who still owns the rights to the Bray Wyatt name and The Fiend persona.

Funko announced today that they would be releasing a new Fiend Holiday Pop ahead of the season this year.

Needless to say many fans who have commented on the release so far weren’t happy as the timing couldn’t be worse. These figures are made in advance and a lot of time is spent of creating them, so it appears that despite his release and the displeasure of fans the WWE intends to follow through with any planned merchandise for him as to not miss out on potential profits.

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