Jimmy Uso Situation Has Big Heat After DUI Situation, Talk Internally About WWE Stepping In


WWE Star Jimmy Uso got himself in trouble again with the Police yesterday with another DUI, which landed him in jail overnight until he was released on bail. This was his third one with his last incident being in 2019 in Pensacola, FL much like this one.

We previously reported that those within WWE were said to be very upset, disappointed, and some flat-out p**** off about the situation.

Jimmy Uso is known to be very well-liked backstage overall, but we’ve been told at The Ringside Roster that there is currently a lot of heat on him and there seems to be an overall understanding that things are out of control with him and that something needs to change. Some are also calling for the company to step in and take charge of the situation.

It’s unknown how this will affect Uso going forward, who is currently in a huge storyline with Roman Reigns. There is some thought that WWE could pull him from TV, as they get him the help he clearly needs, but there’s nothing confirmed.

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