Pat McAfee not sure about wrestling again in NXT

Pat McAfee WWE NXT
While speaking to ESPN, Pat McAfee confirmed that his time in the ring with WWE is done for right now.

When it comes to if he’ll be back wrestling in NXT, he’s not sure. However, he did appreciate the praise that Triple H had for him following TakeOver.

”So for when it came to the match on Saturday, I was only focused on that match. I was only focused on, “OK, how do I go in here, put on a hell of a show, hell of a fight and get a win? And then, we’ll worry about everything after that on Sunday.” We’ll cross that bridge whenever we get to it. And I’ve heard the conversation start all around me and there was a lot… even my mom was asking, “Well, are you going to do this again?” I’m like, “Well, let’s worry about that on Sunday.”

Pat McAfee continues to say,

“And then I got to Sunday, obviously, and I woke up. Neck was sore, back was sore, foot was sore. I got flipped on my head. To be completely honest, I’m not 100% sure what’s going to happen. I’m not under contract to do anything else with Mr. H. I assume he and I will talk about this at some point because I heard his comments in the press conference afterwards, which were very nice.”

Despite losing the match Pat McAfee impressed a lot of people both backstage and in the WWE Universe. There‘a no denying that there may be a future in the ring for Pat McAfee if he chooses to get back in it. His feud with Adam Cole might be over but we certainly would love to see what else he can do and there’s surely plenty of names who would be on his radar to face off against “For The Brand“.

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