Wade Barrett to join NXT commentary team this week

Wade Barrett WWE

The winds of change are blowing once again in WWE!

We’ve learned at TRR that former Nexus leader Wade Barrett will be joining the NXT commentary team this week on the show.

At this time it’s said that it will only be a one off appearance and there is currently no full time deal. Barrett has recently been working with the NWA, and Billy Corgan’s company hasn’t currently been running any shows in recent months due to the pandemic.

Wade Barrett who hasn’t been seen in the WWE since his exit 2016 seemed like he was bound for stardom before he decided to take a hiatus from wrestling to focus on other projects. However, Wade Barrett noted that he would dive back in when the time was right.

It may just be a one time deal but we can’t help but get excited about the possibilities of a more permanent return. After all anything can and usually like happen in WWE.

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