WWE receiving backlash after Keith Lee debut on RAW

Keith Lee WWE RAW

Well that wasn’t exactly what we expected..

The Limitless former NXT Champion Keith Lee made his debut on RAW last night in a big way when he interrupted Randy Orton during a promo.

Accompanied by a new theme song and attire Lee, let Orton know that he wanted to face him on RAW. The Viper would decline but then ultimately a match was made for later that night.

During the match Drew McIntyre interfered however leading to a DQ finish. WWE then scheduled a rematch between the two for Payback this Sunday.

It all sounds good on paper but as excited as fans were to have Lee on the red brand the buzz was about something else. As we noted Lee debuted with a new theme song and attire.

However, they left a lot to be desired for most fans. Lee who was known to have one of the most popular songs in the whole company had his theme changed to a generic rock mix that sounded like a mess.

He was also sporting a big difference in attire as he was as wearing a zip up vest which he wrestled in and shorts that unfortunately gave the appearance that he was wearing a skirt.

It’s unclear what led to these changes right now but fans took to Twitter and other social media to voice their displeasure.

Fan Tweet About Keith Lee

This seems like a clear case of it it’s not broke don’t fix it. The attempt by WWE to make some changes to Lee clearly isn’t sitting well with fans.

Some have even accused the company of body shaming for covering Keith Lee up. It’s always possible that these things may be adjusted as Keith Lee continues his journey on RAW especially if there’s enough backlash which has been shown before.

Who can forget the Viking Experience after all? Either way there’s big things ahead for Lee who is set to be one of the biggest stars on RAW. With so much talent it would be hard to hold back the Limitless One despite how awful his attire or theme may be.

However, WWE should make sure to get it right so we can all truly “Bask In His Glory”.

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