Eric Bischoff drags WWE programming while saying ‘they suck’

Eric Bischoff WWE

During UnSKripted with Chris Featherstone., Eric Bischoff spoke about the current state WWE of programming.

Eric Bischoff wasn’t shy about saying exactly how he feels. He stated that it flat out sucks.

“Storylines suck right now. They suck. Storylines are getting worse and worse. This the one thing that I feel adamant about. You look at what WWE did at SmackDown (at) ThunderDome over the weekend. Such a phenomenal job from a production point of view.”

He then spoke about the WWE ThunderDome the companies new virtual fan experience.

”What they’re not good at is basic fundamental storytelling. They’re just not. I love them and I have many friends there, who I love dearly. It doesn’t change the fact that their storyline, the architecture, their approach to stories, their discipline with stories, sucks. Until somebody comes along and takes an honest look at storytelling and the structure of storytelling and the formulas that are used, it’s going to be hit or miss forever.”

It wasn’t long ago that Eric Bischoff was running things on SmackDown before being released by WWE which surely left a bad taste in his mouth. However, Bischoff is certainly not alone on his thoughts about the current state of WWE TV and just like many fans continues to want to see things get better. Whether that will happen or not remains to be seen but there’s definitely room for improvement according to Easy E.

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