WWE reportedly to try new plan for fans in the ThunderDome

WWE ThunderDome Payback

WWE ThunderDome the company’s new virtual experience has been a hit so far with the WWE Universe as well as the Superstars.

However, like anything else there’s always going to be a handful of people who try to ruin it for everyone. So far we’ve seen everything from Pikachu, to a #FireVelveteenDream sign.

WWE has made it clear that fans who violate the terms for the ThunderDome will face permanent bans and potential fines.

We‘ve learned at TRR that WWE reportedly has a new plan to remedy things and make sure people behave on camera.

The company plans to place fans they trust in the lower section and keep people that cant be trusted yet more out of view. Essentially if you’re there and you behave they’ll remember you if you come back to the ThunderDome which can earn you a better spot.

It will likely take some time build a trusted base of frequent fans ,and to weed out the people who refuse to behave but at least WWE is trying to combat things.

We‘ll have to see if it works out especially with WWE Payback coming up this weekend.

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