CM Punk Reportedly Looking Great In The Ring Ahead Of Big AEW Debut


CM Punk is on the way to AEW after inking a deal recently. The Second City Savior has been away from the ring for over 7 years, but fans are now eagerly anticipating his return. It took a little longer than we all had hoped for, but finally here we are.

We previously reported at The Ringside Roster at the time of singing his deal that Punk was expected to debut at AEW: All Out in September which will take place in Chicago or possibly the Dynamite before that.

During AEW’s “First Dance” video package for the upcoming AEW Rampage Show on August 20th at the United Center there were heavy CM Punk chants, which the company made sure to highlight.

According to Fightful Punk is training extremely hard for his return and is looking to have no signs of ring rust at this point. People that worked with him on Starz upcoming pro wrestling drama Heels said he is looking “very healthy” and some are even saying it looks like he “never left the ring at all.”

It’s been a long road, but those that have been waiting to see Punk back in the ring once again are about to be rewarded. It’s almost “Clobbering Time!” once again.

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