WWE NXT Results 8/10/21, DiBiase The Butler? & Ring General Arrives


WWE NXT Results 8/10/21

WWE NXT Results 8/10/21

The following are the WWE NXT Results 8/10/21

Dakota Kai defeats Sarray.

After the match Raquel Gonzalez arrives and chases Dakota Kai out of the ring. She says that Kai will never be her and if she wanted a match all she had to do was ask. Gonzalez says she’s going to destroy Kai at TakeOver.

Dexter Lumis picks up Indi Hartwell at the Gargano’s house. Johnny tells Lumis he better treat Indi right on their date. After they leave together Johnny and Candice follow them.

Ilja Dragonuv comes to the ring. He says at TakeOver 36 an unbeatable kingdom will fall when he defeats WALTER.

Hes interrupted by Pete Dunne who says he put NXT UK on the map and he should thank him. Dunne says if he was still there he would own Dragonuv.

Dragonuv challenges him to match tonight and he accepts.

LA Knight gets a quick win over Andre Chase.

Ted Dibiase comes to the ring and says things have gone too far. LA Knight tells Dibiase that Grimes wants to be a butler and to go away. Dibiase tells Grimes the people are behind him and he can beat Knight. Knight then says he’ll give him one mire shot at TakeOver 36, but if he loses Dibiase will be his new butler and he accepts.

Gigi Dolin defeats Amari Miller.

Candice LeRae gets caught spying on Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis at the restaurant.

William Regal announces that Adam Cole Vs Kyle O’Reilly will be a 2 out of 3 falls match at TakeOver 36. The first fall will be a regular match, the second a street fight and the third of needed will be in a steel cage.

Odyssey Jones defeats Trey Baxter in the NXT breakout tournament to move on.

Boa defeats Drake Maverick.

Johnny Gargano poses as the waiter during Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis’ date. He gets exposed by Indi and winds up accidentally hitting Lumis in the face with a cake before running away. Indi then kisses Dexter.

Pete Dunne defeat Ilja Dragonuv. During the match WALTER appears causing the distraction. Pete Dunne then hits the Bitter End for the win.

After the match WALTER tries to attack Dragonuv, but gets hit with Torpedo Moscow instead.

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