WWE RAW Results 8/9/21, Lashley Says Goldberg Is Done At SummerSlam & RKBro No More?


WWE RAW Results 8/9/21

WWE RAW Results 8/3/21

The following are the WWE RAW Results 8/9/21

Randy Orton kicks off RAW. He says welcome to Monday Night RAW and Riddle comes out.

He says he missed Orton and asks where he’s been. He says his step-dad left for bread and never came back, but now that Orton’s back they can be RKBro again.

Orton asks Riddle why the hell he would want to team with him again. He says they had some good matches, but they had their time and he works better alone.

AJ Styles interrupts and makes fun of Orton and Riddle. Styles then challenges Orton to a match tonight on RAW to see who really runs the show. Orton says he’ll beat Styles tonight with the RKO. Orton then tries to RKO styles and he gets away. Omos then turns his attention to Orton and he escapes. Riddle tries to RKO Omos, but get chokeslammed instead. Orton then tells Riddle it was a dumb move.

Drew McIntyre defeats Baron Corbin. During the match Corbin begs Drew to stop and tells him he just needs $100,000 to get by. McIntyre then hits him with a Claymore.

Jinder Mahal, Veer and Shanky then come out but McIntyre chases them off with his sword again.

Karrion Kross defeats Jeff Hardy.

Alexa Bliss defeats DouDrop. During the match Lily winks at DouDrop distracting her allowing Bliss to roll her up for the win.

Sheamus defeats Ricochet.

Damien Priest defeats John Morrison. After the match The Miz gets exposed for faking having to be in a wheelchair.

He then challenges Sheamus to a match for the United States Championship at SummerSlam and he accepts.

T-Bar defeats Mustafa Ali. After the match Mansoor fights off T-Bar and Mace.

Reginald escapes R-Truth and Tozawa.

Bobby Lashley and MVP come to the ring. They tell Goldberg’s son Gauge to beg him not to come to SummerSlam. Lashley says that Goldberg isn’t next…he’s done.

Rhea Ripley Vs Nikki ASH ends via no contest. During the match Charlotte attacks them both.

Randy Orton defeats AJ Styles. During the match Omos tries to interfere and gets taken out by Riddle. Orton then hits the RKO for the win.

After the match Riddle hugs Orton, but gets hit with an RKO.

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