WWE SmackDown Results 7/9/21, Shotzi and Nox debut & Edge Neutralizes The Bloodline


WWE SmackDown Results 7/9/21

WWE SmackDown Results 7/9/21

The following are the WWE Smackdown Results 7/9/21

Jimmy Uso kicks off SmackDown (yes he’s there…) and tries to get into Roman Reigns’ dressing room. Paul Heyman stops him and says he’ll have Regins’ full attention tonight in the ring. Heyman tells Reigns what happened.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman then come out to the ring. Reigns says there’s a lot about last week that he didn’t like. He says Edge is a liar for saying he fears him and he’s in his head. Reigns says he had doubt for maybe 20 seconds at WrestleMania 37 when Edge had him in a submission, but he overcame it and won. Regins says he’s been too worried about his family matters to worry about Edge and out comes Jimmy Uso.

Uso says he confronted Edge’s face last week for the family, but Reigns wasn’t there. Reigns says he never asked him to do anything and he was busy doing what Jimmy should have done and out comes Jey Uso.

Jey says he’s back for the family and he’s here for Jimmy and Roman. He tells Jimmy to keep his head up and get focused again (we know what he’s referring to) so they can become the Tag Team Champions once again.

Reigns says that’s all he ever wanted all of them together and they all embrace. Apparently, Jimmy is back…

King Nakamura defeats Baron Corbin to qualify for the Money In The Bank match.

Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox debut as “Shotzi and Nox” and defeat Natalya and Tamina.

Sonya Deville announces that Bianca Belair will now defend the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship against Carmella next Friday on SmackDown and not at Money In The Bank. Carmella comes out, but she’s interrupted by Liv Morgan. Morgan calls Deville biased after she beat Carmella recently, but Deville tells Morgan she’s now replacing Carmella in the Money In The Bank match. Morgan says when she wins she’s cashing in on Carmella.

WWE announces that Toni Storm is coming to SmackDown soon!

Seth Rollins defeats Cesaro to qualify for Money In The Bank.

The Uso’s try to ambush Edge in his locker room, but he’s not in there.

Seth Rollins talks about his big win backstage and says how he just might cash in the Money In The Bank on Roman Reigns when he wins. Edge confronts Rollins and says that all he does is b**** and moan while Edge takes his opportunities. Edge says he’s going to go out to the ring and call out Roman Reigns.

Edge comes out to the ring to call out Roman Reigns. Edge says despite Reigns and The Uso’s hug earlier in the night, he exposed the cracks in the table. Edge says he’s taking the Universal Championship and taking out anyone that gets in his way.

Roman Reigns comes out and confronts Edge and tells The Usos to stay in the back. The Usos come out anyway. Reigns gets in the ring and starts to brawl with Edge, but Edge gets the upper hand. Before The Uso’s can interfere The Mysterio’s come out and take them out. Edge and The Mysterio’s stand tall while Roman Reigns retreats. Edge then grabs the bar from the chair and puts Jey Uso in a submission while Reigns watches.


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