WWE SmackDown Results 7/30/21: Banks’ Huge Return! & Balor Out, Cena In At Summerslam

WWE SmackDown Results 7/30/21

WWE SmackDown Results 7/30/21 

SmackDown Results 7/16/21

Below are the WWE SmackDown results 7/30/21: 

  • John Cena welcomes the crowd to SmackDown. He talks about how Roman Reigns is going to sign a contract with Finn Balor but it proves his point that Roman Reigns sucks. He talks about how Roman rejects Cena. He talks about The Rock and how he doesn’t have to beg for the crowd to acknowledge them unlike Reigns. He continues to diss Reigns.  
    • Corbin comes out but Cena does not recognize him until he comes to the ring. Corbin asks Cena for help because he is desperate. He continues to talk about how he is “unable to perform” so his wife left. 
    • Cena asks the crowd if he should help Corbin. Cena comes out and gives Corbin some money but Corbin says that it is not enough. He asks Cena to be in the Suicide Squad movie and that he will work for it. 
    • Cena is not able to help him so Corbin calls him selfish and a Hollywood sell-out so Cena says he will help Corbin by giving him something he really needs… an attitude adjustment!
  •  Rey Mysterio talks to Dom Mysterio about his match with Jimmy Uso and how Dom needs to pay more attention and fix his mistakes. Rey tells Dom to watch “his old man” out there tonight.
    • Rey Mysterio defeats Jimmy Uso. Dom makes sure that Rey Msyterio gets the win by putting his feet on Rey’s back, just like the Usos did last week. 
  • Bianca Belair talks about what is next for the EST and celebrates her over 100 days title reign. Carmella interrupts her celebration and says that if she wants to cement her legacy, Belair should give Carmella one more title match. Selina Vega comes out and interrupts. 
    • Vega says that she deserves a title match and Biance should accept her challenge. Bianca Belair accepts her challenge. 
    • Carmella attacks Belair from behind and Vega joins in the fight. 
    • Sasha Banks comes out to aid Belair and hugs Bianca. 
  •  Reggie talks about why he took the opportunity to take the 24/7 championship and how he does not know who his opponent is for his match. He says that his opponent should expect the unexpected. 
    • The Alpha Academy comes out and Otis takes the mic to tell everyone that he is not Reggie’s opponent, Gable is.
    • Otis interfers and sends Reggie over the top rope.
    • Reggie defeats Chad Gable via DQ and is still the 24/7 champion. 
  •  Deville tells Adam Pierce that it is official, tonight’s main event will be a tag team match: Carmella and Selina Vega vs Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair. 

  • Deville and Pierce host the contract signing between Finn Balor and Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns talks about John Cena’s opening promo.
    • Reigns tells Balor that Cena believes Balor is lesser than him and Reigns believes that Balor is worthy of challenging for the title/ worthy to get this beatdown at Summerslam. 
    • Reigns warns Balor that if he signs the contract, he is going to smash him and send him right back to NXT before signing the contract.
    • Balor responds by saying that it would be his privelgede returning to NXT once again Universal Champion.
    • Before Balor could sign the contract, Corbin attacks Balor. He grabs the contract and as he is about to sign it, Cena comes out and attacks Corbin. Cena then holds the contract and signs the contract. Are we going to see a Cena vs Reigns match at Summerslam? Looks to be that way! 
  • Heyman talks about how that was “great television” but what are they going to do for Summerslam? 
    • Pierce says that by seeing Roman’s signature and Cena’s signature, “that is good enough for [him.]” 
    • At Summerslam, Roman Reigns will defend his title against John Cena.  
  • Cesaro, Big E, and Shinsuke Nakamura defeat Apollo Crews, Robert Rhodes, and Dolph Ziggler.  
  • Edge comes out before the commercial break but during the break, Seth Rollins attacks Edge from behind. Seth Rollins talks about how Edge has stolen everything from him including his chance to challenge for the Universal Championship. He says that if he can’t be the Universal Champion, neither will Edge. 
  • Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair defeat Carmella & Selina Vega.


  • After the match, Sasha Banks attacks Belair and makes it known that she is coming for the title. 


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