WWE SmackDown Results 5/14/21: New Champions & Who Controls The Table?

WWE SmackDown Results 5/14/21


  • Jey Uso kicks off SmackDown and says last week Jimmy Uso returned and made his own choice. He then introduces Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns comes out and says there’s a lot of problems after what Jimmy did last week. He then talks about Cesaro and says that he carries SmackDown and FOX definitely wouldn’t want Cesaro as Universal Champion. Reigns then goes to talk about Jimmy again and his music hits. Jimmy comes out with a “Nobody’s B****” shirt. He says all he hears is Reigns running his mouth while his brother does his bidding. Jimmy says he’s got a shirt waiting for Jey when he gets his head straight. He tells Roman that he may be part of the family that he’s not all of it and that he’s probably going to lose to Cesaro. Reigns asks Jimmy if he thinks he can be the Head Of The Table and he says no, but together he and Jey can fill Roman’s spot. Jey looks happy, but Reigns says that’s not their place. He says that he’s the guy and he’s the leader and nobody else. Reigns then says if he thinks he can do it he’ll hand him the keys to SmackDown. Jimmy challenges Cesaro to a match tonight on SmackDown and Cesaro accepts. He says that he’ll beat Jimmy tonight and Roman on Sunday at WrestleMania Backlash.
  • Tamina and Natalya defeat Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler to become the new Women’s Tag Team Champions! 
  • Apollo Crews holds an awards ceremony for Commander Azeez and presents him with the Nigerian Medal of Honor. Crews says that he will be the Intercontinental Champion forever! Big E interrupts and tells him that Apollo is not through with him and that Crews still has yet to feel his power. Sami Zayn comes out and Apollo Crews confronts him saying that how dare Zayn disrespect him during this ceremony. Sami voices that if Apollo is honorable, he should give him a chance to win back “his” Intercontinental Championship. Kevin Owens comes running out and attacks Sami Zayn. Big E runs out and joins the fight. During the fight, Commander Azeez saves Apollo Crews from Big E’s attacks. 
  • Rey Mysterio defeats Dolph Ziggler. 
  • Cesaro talks about his match tonight with Jimmy Usos. He states that he knows he can beat Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship and he will earn the right for everyone to acknowledge him. 
  • Rey Msyterio states that they are so close to winning the tag team championships that he can feel it. The Dirty Dogs talk about how Dominik Mysterio “doesn’t belong.” They continue to call him names like “baby Dom.” Dominik talks about how they can call him whatever they want but after their match at Backlash, they will be calling him “baby champ.” 
  • Bianca Belair comes out to be interviewed by Michael Cole. She says she can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks since her big WrestleMania 37 win. Bayley appears on the screen and talks about her attack on Belair last week. Belair invites Bayley to the ring, but she says she’ll see her at WrestleMania Backlash. Belair says when she gets her hands on Bayley it’ll be the roughest, toughest, quickest victory yet. She says Bayley is mad because she got tossed down the ramp by the Bella’s at WrestleMania while she became SmackDown Women’s Champion. Bayley says from her own past the fairytale title reign won’t end well and she’s going to end it at WrestleMania Backlash.

  • King Corbin defeats Nakamura. Nakamura attacks King Corbin after the match, steals King Corbin’s crown and wears it.   
  • Apollo Crews marches in Adam Pearce’s office after what happened earlier tonight. Sonya Deville says to be careful or Pearce will put him in a fatal 4 way match next week for the Intercontinental Championship against Big E, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Pearce says that’s a great idea and makes the match, which upsets Crews. Adam Pearce turns to Sonya Deville and tells her to never undermine him in front of the super stars ever again. 

  • Another Aleister Black vignette is shown. He talks about his father. Black says father spoke about the cruelty of life. He says he was wrong to fight against it, because he is a gladiator that was made from steel while everyone else was made from dirt. He says he could help everyone and he could teach them a lesson, but he won’t because they aren’t participates only spectators.

  • Jimmy Uso talks about how his brother and him were the hottest tag team when they first came into the business, but now Roman Reigns is taking advantage of his brother. He talked about how he and his brother would be “cool” if Roman Reigns would “just stay out of it.” Jimmy talks about how Roman Reigns wants him to prove himself with the match tonight against Cesaro, well he is more than ready to prove Roman Reigns wrong and beat Cesaro, something Jimmy claims Roman Reigns can’t/ won’t do at Backlash. 
  • Cesaro defeats Jimmy Uso by DQ after Roman Reigns interferes and attacks Cesaro. Jimmy Uso walks away and Roman Reigns talks about how no one cares about an “absent b****.” Roman Reigns says that it is not about the little matches, its about the big money matches that make their family look good. Jey attempts to attack Cesaro while Reigns and Jimmy are arguing but Cesaro begins to defend himself. Roman comes to Jey’s rescue and tells Jimmy to get in the ring and help. Cesaro continues to attack Jey and Reigns watches with Paul Heyman on the ramp. Cesaro says that this will be Roman Reigns on Sunday and uses two neutralizers on Jey. Roman continues to watch, smiles, and nods his head. Cesaro stands in the ring with his fist up in triumph.  

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