WWE Looking To Make Big Changes To RAW

Big Changes to RAW
For years now… and honestly even longer than that, wrestling fans have expressed their concerns about the presentation of a stale product on WWE TV at times. The most recent case is that of WWE RAW.

RAW has recently fallen victim to this. After the lack of fresh faces at the top of the show, tired matches and the inability to build new stars as well as tell an interesting story in the process. It appears a change could finally be in the works, which would be music to fans’ sore ears.

We’ve been informed at The Ringside Roster that WWE is looking to freshen things up. Some of the ideas include a big push for Damien Priest and moving Aleister Black from SmackDown to RAW. The overall thought process, however, is said to be focusing on building new stars and creating new captivating TV.

That’s great news to hear, but something that hasn’t been working too well in fans’ eyes for a long time so there will surely be a lot to prove. After all, who can ever forget the iconic “the power is yours now… yes, you the fans” moment from a few years back involving the McMahon family on WWE TV.

Hopefully these big changes to RAW will get things going in the right direction once again.

Are you ready for WWE to make some big changes to RAW? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.