WWE SmackDown Results 10/22/21, Brock Lesnar Unleashes On The Bloodline & Hit Row Debuts


WWE SmackDown Results 10/22/21

WWE SmackDown Results 10/22/21

The following are the WWE SmackDown Results 10/22/21

Roman Reigns kicks off SmackDown. He asks if Heyman is holding the belt for him or Brock. He tells Heyman to get it right unlike last night and he puts it in his hands. He says Heyman isn’t great at his job but he is because he’s the greatest Universal Champion of all time.

Reigns says he’s smash everyone in front of him including Brock Lesnar. Reigns tells Heyman to read the Tweet from Lesnar that says he’ll beat Reigns senseless when he gets to SmackDown. Reigns tells Lesnar to bring it on tonight.

Reigns waits in the middle of the ring but Lesnar doesn’t come out. He asks Heyman why Lesnar isn’t there.

Brock Lesnar shows up and goes on a rampage as he destroys Roman Reigns, The Uso’s, the SmackDown locker room, referees, cameramen and pretty much everything in sight. Reigns and The Uso’s are eventually able to get away and run to the back! F-5 fury!

Adam Pearce comes out and indefinitely suspends Brock Lesnar due to his actions and Lesnar comes out and hits two F-5’s on him while beating and tearing his pants in the process.

Drew McIntyre defeats Sami Zayn.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston come out for Woods King of the Ring coronation.

Mansoor defeats Mustafa Ali.

Hit Row debuts and Top Dolla and Isiah Swerve Scott pick up a win. 

Happy Corbin defeats Shinsuke Nakamura

Becky Lynch and Charlotte come out to exchange titles. Sonya Deville officiates things and they reluctantly exchange championships. Charlotte then challenges Becky Lynch to a winner takes all match tonight.

Sasha Banks interrupts and Becky says she’s leaving and she’ll see whoever is the SmackDown Women’s Champion at Survivor Series.

Banks and Charlotte then brawl and Banks gets the upper hand as Deville tries to break things up and Charlotte retreats.

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