WWE RAW Results 7/19/21, Cena Vs Reigns Set, Keith Lee, Goldberg, Karrion Kross & Nikki ASH Cashes In!

WWE RAW Results 7/19/21

WWE RAW Results 7/19/21

WWE RAW Results 7/19/21


The following are the WWE RAW Results 7/19/21

John Cena comes out to kick-off RAW as fans are on their feet for the former 16-Time World Champion. Cena says he missed the fans and he missed the ring. He says the WWE Universe are the biggest stars in the company. He says he ruined the championship celebration of Roman Reigns and there were a lot of questions.

Cena says the reason he came back is because of the fans…and Roman Reigns. John Cena says he’s coming for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam. He says the reason he wants the match is because Roman Reigns is an a******. Cena says it’s time for someone to knock him down a peg. Cena says Reigns is overhyped, overprotected and not as good as he thinks he is.

John Cena says if you’re truly great you don’t have to talk about it, they tell you. Cena says he’ll be on SmackDown this Friday to confront Reigns.

Matt Riddle then comes out and John Cena says he finally gets what “Bro” means as they say it back and forth.

Matt Riddle and The Viking Raiders defeat AJ Styles, Omos, and John Morrison.

Jaxson Ryker defeats Elias in a symphony of destruction match.

Mustafa Ali will team with Mansoor in a tag team match next week on RAW.

Sheamus will face Humberto Carrillo in a rematch for the United States Championship tonight.

Charlotte comes out for her championship celebration. She says she made history last night at Money In The Bank when he won the title for the 14th time and she doesn’t need to take a page out of anyone’s book because she made the book. She’s then interrupted by Rhea Ripley.

Ripley says if Charlotte’s confident she can beat her anytime she should face her tonight. Charlotte then declines the challenge, but she’s interrupted by Adam Peace and Sonya Deville. They say that Charlotte will face Ripley tonight for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Nayalya and Tamina defeat Shayna Bazsler and Nia Jax to become the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. After the match, Bazsler and Jax attack Reginald and kick him to the curb.

Tozawa comes running out with the WWE 24/7 Championship and Reginald beats him to become the new champion.

WWE announces that NXT Champion Karrion Kross will debut tonight on RAW!

Sheamus defeats Humberto Carrillo to retain the United States Championship.

Bobby Lashley comes out for an open challenge. He and MVP says from this point forward Lashley is all business and anyone who steps up to him will be destroyed.

Keith Lee then returns to answer the open challenge!

Bobby Lashley defeats Keith Lee.

After the match, Goldberg’s music hits and he returns to confront Bobby Lashley declaring he’s next! MVP then pulls Lashley away.

Jinder Mahal has a birthday celebration and Drew McIntyre interrupts and takes everyone out.

Karrion Kross debuts on RAW and faces Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy defeats Karrion Kross in his RAW debut in a shocking moment! After the match, Kross says Hardy just made the biggest mistake ever.

Rhea Ripley defeats Charlotte via DQ.

After the match, Nikki ASH runs out and cashes in her Money In The Bank briefcase defeating Charlotte to become the new RAW Women’s Champion!

That wraps up the WWE RAW Results 7/19/21, what a crazy and exciting show!

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