Feeling Within WWE That Daniel Bryan On The Way To AEW Soon?

Daniel Bryan

Former World Champion Daniel Bryan is no longer in the WWE after his contract expired back in June and was not renewed by the company.

A lot of people in the company were shocked to see that Bryan’s deal was not renewed, but there was also a lot of excitement from fans to see where he might go next. Bryan’s release opened the door to dream matches such as Kenny Omega, Okada, Jay White and more depending on where he goes next.

We may be about to get some of those sooner than expected. We’ve learned at The Ringsider Roster that WWE and Daniel Bryan have had no talks about a possible return since his departure. There’s a feeling within the company that it’s only a matter of time until he signs with AEW and that something may be in the works.

AEW landing Bryan would be a huge feather in the cap for Tony Khan, and would also bring in a ton of new fans.

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