WWE RAW Results 7/12/21, The Queen Attacks & The Almighty Gets Back To Business


** WWE RAW Results 7/12/21 ** 

WWE RAW Results 7/6/21

Below are the WWE RAW results 7/12/21: 

Xavier Woods defeats Bobby Lashley. 

After the match, MVP confirms that Lashley left the building but it was “only to let out some steam” and Lashley will be in the VIP lounge later this evening because “everything will be fine.”  

Jinder Mahal arrives at RAW and he still has possession of Drew McIntyre’s sword.


Eva Marie and Doudrop appear on Alexa’s Playground. Eva Marie tries to answer a question that was for Doudrop and Alexa says that Eva Marie was not invited, only Doudrop was, but Eva Marie is a “surprise bonus.” Eva Marie says that she is “too good” to be on Alexa’s “dirty little playground” and leaves with Doudrop.

Jinder Mahal calls out Drew McIntyre to “extend an olive branch” and apologize/ give his sword back but Drew McIntyre refuses to come out. McIntyre appears on the screen and calls Mahal a liar. Mahal says that he had his sword refinished but when they show the sword it was cut in half. McIntyre says that the sword in the ring was a replica and that he has the real sword and destroys Mahal’s motorcycle.  

Nicki ASH defeats Naomi, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka in a fatal 4 way match. 

    • During the match, Eva Marie and Doudrop make an appearance. Alexa Bliss comes out of the ring and tries to scare Eva Marie. Doudrop comes to defend Eva Marie. When Eva Marie checks over the barricade, we see that Alexa Bliss disappears.

The Viking Raiders say they’re ready to face AJ Styles an Omos in single matches tonight.

Ivar defeats AJ Styles

Omos defeats Erik

Adam Pearce announces that Humbero Carrillo will face Sheamus for the United States Championship tonight.

Sheamus attacks Alberto Carrillo before the match. Sonya Deville and Adam Pierce try to talk Humberto Carrillo out of participating in the match. Carrillo says that if he can stand, he can fight. 

Sheamus defeats Humberto Carrillo after one Bro Kick.

    • After the match, Sheamus attacks Carrillo and says he was going to break Carrillo’s nose. Just before Sheamus kicks him in the face, Damion Priest comes out to protect Carrillo. Sheamus leaves the ring. 

The Miz and John Morrison spray Ricochet and Riddle with water backstage. The Miz then rolls over Riddle’s foot with his wheelchair. 

Ricochet defeats John Morrison.  

Rhea Ripley defeats Natalya. After the match Charlotte attacks Ripley and takes out her leg. 

Charlotte says she’s the dirtiest player in the game and at Money In The Bank it’s game over for Rhea Ripley.

Bobby Lashley comes out on the MVP lounge, but he doesn’t look happy. Lashley says Kofi was right and he lost his edge, because of MVP and the partying. He says from now on he only wants to worry about destroying his opponents and retaining the WWE Championship. Lashley destroys the lounge and says he is going to end Kofi’s career at Money In The Bank.

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