WWE Raw Results 6/14/21, Eva Marie Wins In Her RAW Return? & Drew McIntyre Ready For Hell In A Cell


** WWE RAW Results 6/14/21 ** 

WWE Monday Night RAW

The following are the WWE RAW Results 6/14/21

Alexa Bliss talks about what Lily did last week to Shayna Bazlar and how Lily “went too far.” Lily is apparently in timeout since she was “naughty.” Nia Jax confronts Alexa Bliss and talks about how they used to be friends. Alexa says they never were friends. Jax challenges her to a match tonight and Bliss accepts. 

Charlotte talks about how Rhea Ripley lacks what it takes to be a real champion. She says that this match against Nikki Cross is important to her because she needs to redeem herself for her loss last week and regain her championship at Hell In A Cell. As the match begins, Rhea Ripley attempts to cause a distraction but it fails. 

    • Nikki Cross defeats Charlotte Flair via count out. After the match Charlotte Flair attacks Nikki Cross and Rhea Ripley comes up from behind and performs a riptide on Flair.

Riddle talks to Jeff Hardy about how he lost focus last week and asks him how to be successful as a tag team. Hardy tells Riddle to listen to Randy Orton and maintain trust. Riddle apologizes to Randy Orton and promises that he will be better. Randy tells him to stop trying to be another Orton and to try and be his own person.

John Morrison defeats Jeff Hardy. During the match Cedric Alexander comes out and distracts Hardy.

After the match Cedric Alexander tells Jeff Hardy he used to look up to him, but after their match last week he realizes Jeff is just a sore winner. He then tells Hardy he’s going to send him to the retirement home and Jeff says if Cedric can beat him tonight he’ll retire and we have a match.

Jeff Hardy defeats Cedric Alexander

Eva Marie? defeats Naomi in her in-ring return on RAW. Eva Marie comes out with NXT UK Star Piper Niven who defeats Naomi, but Eva Marie is declared the winner.

RK-Bro defeats The New Day

Rhea Ripley defeats Asuka. After the match Charlotte comes out and brawls with Ripley until WWE officials pull them apart.

Nia Jax defeats Alexa Bliss by DQ. During the match Reginald interferes and Alexa Bliss hypnotizes him.

MVP finds Kofi Kingston in the locker room and asks him if he thought about what he said last week. MVP says Kofi can be a star again if he forgets Xavier Woods. Kingston tells him to leave before he knocks out his teeth. 

Jaxson Ryker defeats Elias by count out.

Drew McIntyre defeats AJ Styles via DQ. During the match Bobby Lashley, MVP and The Viking Raiders come out. At one point McIntyre gets thrown into Lashley outside and Lashley runs in the ring and attacks him. Omos is also involved. The Viking Raiders and McIntyre then take out Lashley. A six man Tag Team Match is then made.

Drew McIntyre and The Viking Raiders defeat Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles & Omos.

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