WWE NXT Results 8/17/21, InDex Getting Married! & Joe and Kross Brawl Before TakeOver 36


WWE NXT Results 8/17/21

WWE NXT Results 8/17/21The following are the WWE NXT Results 8/17/21

Ilja Dragonuv defeats Roderick Strong. Dragonuv gets busted open pretty bad during the match.

Hit Row comes out and Isiah Swerve Scott demands that Santos Escobar give him his grill back. Santos comes on the screen and tells Swerve to come to the parking lot alone to get it back. He does and he gets attacked by all of Legado Del Fantasma. Hit Row runs outside to make the save and Swerve takes his grill back.

Cameron Grimes defeats Josh Briggs. During the match LA Knight and Ted DiBiase are on commentary. Knight paid Briggs $10,000 to beat Grimes and DiBiase dares him to raise it to $20,000 and he bets Grimes wins, Knight accepts, but loses. Knight then beats them both down after the match.

InDex defeats Robert Stone and Jessi Kamea. Hartwell uses Silence to submit Kamea. After the match Hartwell gets an eyeball ring from Beth Phoenix and proposes to Dexter Lumis. He accepts and they kiss! 

Carmello Hayes defeats Duke Hudson to move on to the finals of the NXT Breakout Tournament.

After the match Carmello Hayes and Odyssey Jones face off.

MSK defeats Imperium to remain the NXT Tag Team Championship. After the match WALTER comes out to attack MSK. Ilja Dragonuv tries to make the save, but gets beat down.

Samoa Joe comes out to confront Karrion Kross before their match at TakeOver 36. Kross comes out and they brawl around the arena crashing through the caged barriers around the ring as Security and the NXT locker room tries to pull them apart.

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