WWE Reportedly Has No Plans For Veer Mahaan On RAW


For the past several months since the WWE Draft the company has been showing vignettes letting us know that Veer Mahaan, a former disciple of Jinder Mahal is coming to RAW.

As time has gone on and we’ve seen the same videos week after week, it’s become a bit of a running joke on social media. WWE has even played this up with their latest vignette where they captioned it “Send Veer To RAW” a nod to the “Send Hook” sensation currently going on in AEW.

As it turns out there’s apparently a good reason we haven’t seen Veer appear yet on RAW and it’s one that many may have suspected.

We’ve learned at The Ringside Roster via Fightful that WWE currently has no plans for him on the show, which is why things are being dragged out. They are also very aware of the comedic nature of the situation as this point and are leaning into it as we mentioned with the latest video.

We’ll have to see when Veer Mahaan finally shows up, but at this time it’s simply up in the air.

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