WWE Interested In Exciting New Partnership With MLW?


WWE and MLW pairing up? Could it be..?

WWE has a long history of standing firmly on their own two feet and ignoring the fact that other pro wrestling companies exist. As much as fans call for it, they aren’t really one to work with others the way AEW and even Impact Wrestling does.

However, they might finally be looking to change that perspective. We’ve been told at The Ringside Roster via sources that WWE is strongly looking into a partnership with MLW. A lot it has to do with WWE wanting to change their reputation and freshen things up in the process.

Word is the thought process includes sending guys from NXT who aren’t really being used over to MLW to get more eyes on them, much like the deal they made with Evolve.

This is certainly an interesting idea and one we are thrilled to hear about. Companies like WWE and MLW working together is a win-win and the biggest winner of all would be the fans. Let’s not forget that MLW is also in the middle of bringing back Lucha Underground in the form of Azteca Underground so the possibilities are truly endless.

We can’t wait to see what happens, but hopefully a deal can be made soon.