Impact Wrestling Results 4/29/21


If you guys missed Impact Wrestling tonight, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Here are the results and highlights for tonight’s show and let’s just say… it was definitely jammed packed with surprises.


  • 1st qualifying match: Jake Something Vs. Chris Bey
    • Chris Bey wins by pin fall 
  • W. Morrissey defeats Sam Beale 
  • Taylor Wilde makes her in ring debut after 10 years and defeats Kimber Lee 
  • Josh Alexander defeats Ace Austin and remains X Division Champion
  • 2nd qualifying match: Bryan Meyers Vs. Matt Cardona
    • Matt Cardona defeats Bryan Meyers 
  • 3rd qualifying match: Sami Callihan Vs. Eddie Edwards
    • Sami Callihan wins via DQ against Eddie Edwards  


Show Notes:

  • All of the Impact Wrestling Superstars are crowded around Scott D’Amore’s office. He tells the superstars to go into the ring because he has an announcement with are going to want to hear. Don Callis emerges and thanks him for “taking care of the wolves at the door.” Scott tells him to get Kenny Omega ready for the celebration tonight. Callis voices that he is “getting the Zoom link ready.” This does not go well with D’Amore. The Co-Executive Vice President puts “The Invisible Hand” in his place when he informs him about an agreement he made with Tony Khan. What was that agreement you say? If Kenny Omega is not physically present at Impact Wrestling, he will have his World Championship stripped away and he will be suspended indefinitely even from AEW.
  • Scott D’Amore heads into the ring and shows his respect for Rich Swann as well as congratulating Kenny Omega for his win at Rebellion. He announces that since the match at Rebellion was “winner takes all,” there is no rematch clause. So to elect the #1 contender for the World Championship, there will be a 6 way match on May 15 at Impact Wrestling PPV “Under Siege.” The next two weeks will consist of 6 qualifying matches and the winners will be scheduled to participate in the 6 way match at “Under Siege.” That’s if Kenny shows up, because if not, that 6 way match will turn into a match that will crown the new champion! Tick tock!
  • During the 1st qualifying match between Jake Something and Chris Bey, Rohit Raju distracts Jake Something and Chris Bey picks up the win by rolling him up and putting his feet on the ropes to hold him down.
  • Don is on the phone and says to “take the jet.” He continues by saying, “I’ll see you when you get here.” Sami Callihan confronts Callis and talks about how all they have worked for is about to go up in smoke. Callihan continues by saying that his business is, even if Kenny shows up, they won’t know when or where, but he is coming for what is his.

  • During an interview with Gia, Taylor Wilde talks about how her 10 year retirement feels like it never happened. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb (with a K) interrupt. Tenille talks about how she can’t believe that Taylor Wilde came out of her retirement “just to be [her] partner.” Wilde tells her that she is not here for her, she is here for the Knock Outs Champion. Tenille continues to believe that Taylor is going to her her partner and Wilde walks away in frustration.

  • W. Morrissey talks about how we might recognize his face, but we do not know who he is. He talks about how the other superstars do not love us, they do not care about us, and how they are all very bad people. He claims that the industry is filled with “bad people.” The difference between him and them? He isn’t afraid to admit it.

  • Kimber Lee was interviewed by Gia. They talk about how Taylor Wilde attacked Kimber Lee and Susan at Rebellion. The Knock Outs Champion talks about how she is going to stay in the back and watch the match because she feels that Susan and Kimber “got this.” Gia asks why Deonna doesn’t want to go out? Purrazzo states that she never backs down from a fight and how she has defeat all of the knockouts on the roster. Havoc must have not liked the Champion’s comments because she has a stare down with Deonna Purrazzo before walking away.

  • Willie Mack addresses W. Morrissey’s dislike for him. Mack talks about how he “rolls with the punches.” He challenges W. Morrissey for a match at “Under Siege” on May 15. According to Mack, this is where they can “handle it like men and put in the work.”
  • In the middle of Kimber Lee’s match against Taylor Wilde, Susan shoves a shoe into Wilde’s face as she was caught in the ropes. After Wilde gains the win, Susan attempts to attack her. Dashwood runs out to “help” Taylor but it looks like she just wanted to steal the spotlight. Well, we all know, it is all about her.
  • During an interview with D’Amore, Moose interrupts and asks him why Scott is making him “go through all of these hoops.” Moose talks about how he is the only one who can gain the title back from Omega. Moose grabs D’Amore and warns him that despite their friendship, he will hurt D’Amore and anyone else. James Storm comes to the aid of the VP and talks about he is here to protect D’Amore because it looks like Moose is potentially going to cause him harm. He hands Moose two lunch bags and warns him about the a** whooping that he was going to give Moose next week during their qualifying match.
  • Don Callis is on the phone. Johnny Swinger comes to talk to Don. They talk about the $20,000 that Swinger owes Omega and Callis. Don states that if Swinger does him a favor, they can forget about the money owed. Callis asks Swinger to get one of his “stooges” to pick up Omega at the airport.
  • Violent By Design talks about the disease and how it makes you choose the wrong path. Since Deaner lost to James Storm during Behind The Impact, Eric talks about how disappointment can fuel and cause rage and violence. He continues to talk about how Rhino will be victorious in his qualifying match next week and VBD will be represented.
  • NJPW superstar, El Phantasmo will showcase his talent on Impact Wrestling!
  • During the final qualifying match of the night between Edwards Vs. Callihan, Kenny Omega interrupts the match and attacks Edwards with The Good Brothers. This results in Callihan winning via DQ. FinJuice runs out and begin to attack The Good Brothers.
  • Don Callis picks up a mic saying “you wanted a celebration. You wanted Kenny in the building.” He warns us to “be careful what [we] wish for.” Apparently there is he can’t taking of a better way to celebrate than “beating down these punks.”


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