WWE Bringing In Joey Ryan?

Joey Ryan WWE AEW
First things first. For those who don’t know Joey Ryan he’s pretty much a wrestler that you are either a big fan of or you can’t stand… there’s not much in between.

Let’s just say he has a very interesting gimmick and leave it at that. We have learned at The Ringside Roster that WWE though has reportedly been in communication with Joey Ryan.

He is now free from his Lucha Underground contract, but also hasn’t signed with AEW despite showing up in a number of Being The Elite videos. WWE contacted him to see if he has any interest in relocating to Orlando.

The plan would be for him to do few years at NXT before becoming a coach or trainer for WWE. Not a bad deal but at this point in his career it may not be one Ryan would be interested in either.

Joey Ryan owns his home in L.A. and is making more now on the indie scene than he would in NXT. We’ll have to see if he takes the deal.

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