WWE Fires Huge Name Responsible For Sending Trash Bag To Mickie James


WWE, especially Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, apparently aren’t too happy with how Mickie James’ release was handled.

We previously reported today at The Ringside Roster that Mickie James was sent a care package following her release, which was in a trash bag after she posted it on her social media accounts.

That story was quickly picked up by both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon who let it be known that the situation was handled and that they have fired the individual responsible for that insensitive act. That person just so happens to be the Senior Director of Talent Relations, Mark Carrano, according to information received from Wrestling Inc.

The Ringside View: Seeing some of the names WWE released recently was surprising. After WrestleMania, there’s usually a spring cleaning of sorts, but still the way things were handled were obviously far from the best, it’s good to see two of the top authority figures in the company step up and do the right thing. It may not make everything right, but it’s still a classy move on their part.