Charlotte Flair Trashes Dave Meltzer “Go To Hell Dave!”


Dave Meltzer recently made some comments on Wrestling Observer Radio regarding the details surrounding Charlotte Flair being “suspended” by WWE.

Meltzer claimed that Charlotte was having some dental work done as well as some other cosmetic enhancements due to “feeling self conscious in the wrestling world”.

“She’s just getting a complete makeover, that’s just what happened,” Meltzer said before continuing. “It’s just one of those things they make you real self-conscious about your looks when you’re a woman in wrestling. It’s just one of the negatives of it, but it’s a reality of it.”

Charlotte heard about this and was far from happy to say the very least.

The Ringside View: This isn’t the first time Dave Meltzer has been in hot water especially with the women the wrestling world and it likely won’t be the last. We previously reported at The Ringside Roster that he had called out Peyton Royce in the past for her figure upon coming to the main roster noting that she looked “lighter and more attractive” in NXT. Not very nice at all Dave.