Interesting Update On Why WWE Moved Roman Reigns Vs Rey Mysterio Match


Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio were set to battle inside Hell In A Cell for the Universal Championship at…well WWE Hell In A Cell this Sunday. Now that plan has been changed and they’ll face off on SmackDown tonight.

It’s quite the interesting situation given the premise of the match and the actual PPV being so close.

For anyone scratching their head as to why WWE would make such a change you’re not alone. We have a bit of an update on things here at The Ringside Roster, but it’s still pretty confusing to be honest.

We’ve learned that the decision was essentially made on a whim with no real thought behind it except…why not. WWE discussed things Thursday internally and a decision was then made to do the match on SmackDown instead.

Perhaps WWE is looking for a big ratings boost on SmackDown before heading into Hell In A Cell this weekend.

We’ll have to see how things turn out on, but it’s certainly different.

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