Impact Wrestling Results 6/17/21: Maclin Debuts & EVP Gets Fired!

Impact Wrestling Results 6/17/21

** Impact Wrestling Results 6/17/21 ** 

Impact Wrestling Results

The following are the Impact Wrestling Results 6/17/21

  • Moose and Scott D’Amore kick off the show. Moose says he’s p**** off after getting screwed by Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks at Against All Odds. Moose demands a rematch for the Impact Wrestling World Championship at Slammiversary.
    • D’Amore says he knows Moose is angry, but so is he. He says Sami Callihan got fired and the company is sending an Anthem representative tonight to deal with everything that’s been happening, which has never happened before.
    • D’Amore says he can’t deal with Moose right now before closing the door. Moose then says if he can’t make time he’ll handle it himself.

  • TJP defeats Black Taurus. After the match, Moose attacks TJP and claims to be highjacking the show until Scott D’Amore pays attention to him. Chris Sabian attacks Moose and says that he is looking for a fight. “What better time than here and now!” Moose retreats to the back. 

  • Rohit Raju and Ace Austin talk backstage on how they are going to work together during the Ultimate X match at Slammiversary.

  •  Chris Sabian calls out Moose during an interview backstage and challenges Moose to a match at Slammiversary.

  • Josh Alexander defeats Madman Fulton. Ace Austin attacks Josh Alexander after the match. Petey Williams, Rohit Raju, and Trey Miguel join the attack. Shera is back and defends Rohit. Shera stands tall in the middle of the ring. 

  • Deonna Purrazzo had a fight with Susan and Kimber Lee. When Susan says that she would not be champion without them, Deonna Purrazzo claims that she is “done” with the both of them. 

  • W. Morrissey talks about how in this industry, you do not have friends and he has had to learn that the hard way. He talks about how the only person he can trust is himself.

  • Steve Maclin debuts. Steve Maclin defeats Jason Page. 

  • Jordynne Grace is upset about how so many people in the locker room believe that she only got the tag team titles was because of Rachael Ellering. Rachael Ellering says that it is only Tenille Dashwood and Grace says that is because Rachael only talks to Tenille.

  • Don Callis talks about his relationship with Scott D’Amore and how they have different skill sets. Callis says that he is able to make the hard decisions, something that Scott is “too nice” to do. He states that he ripped the bandage off on something that was inevitable when he fired Sami Callihan. He talks about how Anthem sent a representative thank him and that he is not worried about it. 
  •  Tenille Dashwood defeats Rachael Ellering with a little distraction from Kaleb (with a K). 
  • TJP and Fallah Bah attempt to get the attention of Scott D’Amore so that they can talk about Moose. Decay confronts them and how they are too frustrated. Decay talks about how they have unfinished business. Fallah challenges them to a tag team match. 
  •  Fire ‘N Fire talk about their successful title defense and ask people who the baddest knockouts tag team in history is. They get made when the staff don’t know who they are. Rosemary confronts Fire ‘N Flava. When they try to retreat, Havok stops them. Rosemary and Havok attack the knockouts tag team champions and throw Kiera Hogan into the trash. Kiera Hogan picks up a trash bag with Mickie’s name on it. Sound familiar? If you don’t know, you can read it here.
  •  Kojima defeats Rhyno giving Eddie Edwards and Kojima a title match for the Tag Team titles next week. 
  • Sami Callihan is furious and calls out Callis and Omega to the ring. Scott D’Amore confronts Sami and talks the security to leave. Scott says that he is on his side and how he has been trying to fix this for him. Sami agrees to do things D’Amore’s way.
    • Callis comes out and tells D’Amore that you “can’t fix crazy.” Callis says that he may have overstepped but he did D’Amore a favor. Callis says that D’Amore and Callis are better than them and the wrestlers are tools to make them money.
    • D’Amore says that he did it to protect Omega. Tommy Dreamer comes out and reveals that he is the person that Anthem sent. Tommy says that Sami Callihan is not fired and that he has been reinstated.
    • Dreamer says that someone else has to be fired. Don Callis… YOU’RE FIRED! 
    • Don Callis has a meltdown in the middle of the ring. Tommy stated that there is a “trash bag waiting for [him] in the back.” 
    • Sami Callihan confronts Don Callis. Callihan says that he is not here to show him any violence but that he is going to take the one thing Callis loves the most by taking out Kenny Omega.  

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