Kevin Owens Re-Signed With WWE For His Family, Received Big Contract


WWE star Kevin Owens was set to be one of the hottest free agents in Pro Wrestling in January 2022, if he chose not to renew his deal with WWE. Now that won’t be happening and Owens is set to be in the company for years to come.

We previously reported at The Ringside Roster that Kevin Owens had signed a new deal with WWE, however no further details were available at the time.

Now we have a bit more on the situation and what led to his decision.

Kevin Owens was recently a guest on TVA Sports’ Podcast Les Anti-Pods de la Lutte with Pat Laprade. Laprade is a French-language commentator for WWE. Owens discussed exactly what happened.

“I’ll just say that my contract still ends on January 31, but not 2022. I will still be in WWE for several years, The decision was pretty easy because it was the best thing for my family, really. When it comes to that, it’s always a pretty easy decision to take.

WWE has been my home for seven years now, so I have a sense of belonging. Basically, I spent the majority of my career here. When you look at all the wrestling companies I’ve wrestled for, in WWE, that’s where I’ve been the longest. That’s where I need to be for the next few years. That’s how I felt and that’s the decision I made.”

The deal is said to be a three year deal and in the range of $2-$3 million. Kevin Owens did what he felt was best for his family when it comes down to it. Many fans may be disappointed after wanting to see Owens in a promotion like AEW, but it appears he’s currently happy where he’s at in WWE.

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