Breaking News: Superstars thought Sasha Banks was bluffing- Vince McMahon reportedly “won’t give in”

Sasha Banks WWE
We are told at that when Sasha Banks was threatening to leave WWE those in the locker room who knew about it reportedly didn’t take it serious at the time.

The Sasha Banks situation is still ongoing but sources say that Vince McMahon has already mentioned that he won’t give in to Banks. The feeling backstage is that she does not have the kind of pull she thinks she does and there are a number of Superstars who are not on her side in the matter.

Hopefully things can be resolved between the two sides but at this time there’s no indication as of when she may return. WWE does want to see her back by the Money In The Bank show; however, if she fails to appear, there could be repercussions.

It’s also possible that Banks could attempt to be released from her contract but with Vince McMahon already not willing to budge it is not likely that would work out.

The best case scenario here may be to finish out her contract and obligations before heading elsewhere. We’ll continue to update the story as more information becomes available.

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