SmackDown Results 6/25/21: Jimmy Uso Takes Over For Jey & Edge Returns!


** SmackDown Results 6/25/21 ** 

SmackDown Results

Below are the highlights and the SmackDown Results 6/25/21: 

  • Paul Heyman tells Roman Reigns that from their hospital bed, they are acknowledging him. Jimmy comes and informs Reigns that Jey is no where to be found but he was able to get a hold of him and Jey says that he is not coming back. 
    • Roman Reigns is angry at Jey for abandoning him. Jimmy says that he got Reigns’ back because he is in it for their family. When Reigns asks if Jimmy can do what his brother did, Jimmy is hesitate at first but agrees that he can be the right hand man. Reigns wants Jimmy to prove it. 

  • Bianca Belair comes to the ring and talks about her match at Hell In A Cell and how WWE will be live soon. She states that she shines her title to remind herself that “she did that.” She talks about bullies and we have the power to overcome them. 
    • Seth Rollins comes out and interrupts Belair. Rollins begins to celebrate with the champions until he begin to mock what she did. He talks about how Bianca’s win was a “fluke.” Seth Rollins states that Bayley is going to beat Belair. 
    • Bayley comes out and states that Bianca is not the champion WWE deserves/ needs. Bianca Belair challenges Bayley to fight right now. Bayley says that she does not see Belair any differently and states that she is still a loser. 
    • Belair attacks Bayley, Cesaro comes out and attacks Seth Rollins. Bayley and Cesaro are in the ring and Cesaro helps Bianca attack Bayley. Cesaro and Bianca are celebrating in the ring before their mixed tag team match. 
    • As Seth Rollins and Cesaro are fighting on the outside, Rollins gets pushed into Bianca Belair causing enough of a distraction for Bayley to pin Belair. 
    • Bayley & Seth Rollins defeat Bianca Belair & Cesaro.  

  • Paul Heyman talks to Jey about the importance of Reigns having a right hand man. Heyman stresses that if Jimmy does not win his match tonight, it proves to Roman that he is not fit for the job. 

  • Shinsuke Nakamura has his coronation and is officially crowned the WWE’s King of SmackDown.

  • Corbin watches the coronation in the back and talks about how he lost everything since losing the crown. He looks like he is about to cry before saying “what is the point?”
    • Adam Pierce and Deville are seen celebrating in the back. 

  • Seth Rollins goes to Pierce and Sonya Deville and announces that he is Reigns’ next challenger because he is the most prepared and “most deserving.” Pierce states that they are not ready to make that decision yet but they will think about it. 

  • Big E takes on Apollo Crews in a Money In The Bank qualifying match. During the match, Commander Azeez attempts to attack Big E but the ref sees him and is banned from ringside. 
    • Big E defeats Apollo Crews. 

  • Sami Zayn is excited about his win over Kevin Owens. He talks about how after his win, he now realizes there is order in the universe and that he is the messenger for cosmic justice.
    • When told that he will be in a qualifying match with Kevin Owens at Money In The Bank. Sami gets angry and says that they were messing with Karma and the Cosmos. 
    • Sami goes to Pierce to question why he has to fight Owens again if he already beat him and that they should just put him in the Money In The Bank ladder match. Pierce informs him that he is still going to fight Owens and that it is going to be a Last Man Standing match. Zayn warns him that he is playing a dangerous game with Karma.  

  • Sonya Deville announces the 1st SmackDown Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match contender is Carmella. 
    • Carmella comes out to the ring. When she tells Sonya to do her intro again, Liv Morgan interrupts.
    • Liv Morgan says that she belongs in the Money In The Bank match waaaaaaay more than Carmella. Carmella says that this match is for the “real stars.”
    • Liv Morgan slaps Carmella and Deville breaks them up. Deville wants Morgan to prove that she deserves it and so she makes a match right now against Carmella. 
    • During the match, the Women’s Tag Team Champions are watching this match.  
    • Liv Morgan defeats Carmella and is now a part of the Women’s Money In The Bank ladder match. 


  • Jimmy Uso talks about how the pressure is on but he dedicates this victory to the family. 
    • Jimmy Uso defeats Dolph Ziggler.
  •  Roman Reigns smiles at an excited Jimmy Uso. Roman Reigns walks to the ring without a word to Jimmy. When Jimmy attempts to follow, Paul Heyman stops him and tells him to stay in the back.
    • Paul Heyman talks about Roman Reign’s victories over The Mysterios and how we must all acknowledge Reigns as the tribal chief. He continues to talk about how Reigns has dominated each of his opponents. Paul Heyman says that there is no one left so they must do something they have never done before.
    • Roman Reigns takes the microphone. Just as he is able to speak, Edge interrupts and comes out to the ring. Edge attacks Roman Reigns. Just as Edge was going to use a second chair on Reigns, Jimmy Uso comes to the aid of Reigns. 
    • Edge stands victorious in the ring and calls out Reigns.

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