ROH Makes Huge Announcement, Releases Their Entire Roster


ROH like most companies has had a tough time during the pandemic. The company has lost a lot of stars to different promotions such as AEW and has been struggling a bit to keep things afloat. 

Today the company announced that they will be releasing the entire ROH roster and are hoping to work on plans to revamp the promotion in 2022. This came after rumors that Sinclair Broadcasting is cutting the company. The hope is to have some events running again by April.

The company plans to finish up their shows left this year including Final Battle in December. It’s shocking news to say the least.

Some are speculating this could be the company trying to ease fans before they close their doors for good. We will have to see if ROH can bounce back or not. Certainly it would be unfortunate to see them go under completely, but it looks like they have a plan so we’ll have to see what happens.

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