Retribution promo from RAW altered to reveal identities, new member revealed


Last night on RAW we saw Retribution speak for the first time as the arena went black and their logo appeared on the screen and five members appeared backstage. For about a month the mysterious group has been laying waste to things and causing chaos in the WWE. Two of them spoke and cut a promo about taking over WWE.

A reddit user named eraluna16 was able to alter the voices in the audio of the promo. The voicing speaking sound very similar to those of NXT Stars Dominik Dijakovic and Mercedes Martinez. We previously reported at TRR that Dominik Dijakovic, Dio Maddin, Chelsea Green, Shane Thorne, Mia Yim, and Kayden Carter had been under the masks recently. We also noted that since Vince McMahon is making things up as he goes with the storyline that things would change on the fly. It seems now Mercedes Martinez has been added to the mix. You can check out the audio here below.

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We’ve also been told that Mojo Rawley was the fifth member in the back on the left last night during the promo. He never spoke but he was present. You can expect more changes before things are done and the final reveal takes place. WWE wants to keep fans guessing with this angle. Now we’ll just have to see if it pays off when the time comes.