Jon Moxley on MJF: “He’s going to be on top of this company long after I’m gone.”


Jon Moxley participated in the All Out media event after his successful AEW Championship defense at All out against MJF. Moxley spoke about MJF and had some great things to say about him.

”MJF is a real old school style of wrestler,” Moxley said. “It was pretty cool to work with. I love that old school classic style and getting to blend my style with it and see what kind of cocktail you can come up with. He’s obviously got a long way to go. The thing we learned tonight is pretty simple – cheaters never win. You don’t win championships by taking shortcuts. He was out-wrestling me at some points tonight. He was sticking to his game plan perfectly.”

”He had my arm all messed up,” Moxley continued. “Shoulder popped out of socket. If he would have just sucked it up and stuck to his game plan, he might have walked out as World Champion tonight. But, he tried to take a shortcut and that just never works out for you. It’s like all those things your parents taught you that you never listened to. Measure twice, cut once. Always break down your cardboard, stuff like that. As I’ve said before – he’s going to be on top of this company long after I’m gone.”