Possible Spoiler On Superstar Behind NXT “Charging” Vignettes


Something big has been charging up on WWE NXT for the last few weeks, but what’s exactly behind these mystery vignettes.

Over the last weeks few weeks we’ve seen vignettes with a battery charging, which has now reached 81%.

It’s expected to be fully charged by the Great American Bash this week.

Fans have been wondering exactly who may be behind things such as a debuting or returning superstar and it appears we now have an idea.

According to PWInsider Teagan Knox is reportedly behind the mystery charging vignettes as she gets ready to return from a knee injury that kept her out of action since August 2020.

Knox also competed in a dark match before RAW this week which is interesting given the fact that she hasn’t returned to NXT yet.

We’ll have to see what happens this week at the Great American Bash, but it looks like the return of Teagan Knox is coming soon.

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