Pete Dunne Reportedly Signs Big New Multi-Year WWE Deal


Pete Dunne has been the topic a lot of discussion as of late due to his WWE contract recently expiring with NXT without a new deal on the table. It was unknown if Dunne and WWE would be able to work something it out or he would be leaving the company shortly, but it appears we have our answer.

According to Fightful Dunne has now signed a new three year deal with WWE. The deal was reportedly put together personally by Triple H.

This is great news for fans of The Bruiserweight as he is one of the best talents in the company today and has become a big part of NXT as of late.

Dunne will be involved in a huge 4 way match for the vacant NXT Championship on the relaunch of NXT tonight. His new contract with the company combined with this opportunity could equal Dunne walking out tonight as the new NXT Champion.

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