Marc Carrano Allegedly Wanted WWE To Fire Him

Marc Carrano

Marc Carrano is no longer the Senior Vice President Of Talent Relations after being fired from WWE recently. This was due to the Mickie James trash bag incident that he was reportedly behind.

Since then, James and several other past WWE Stars have called out Carrano claiming that they too received the same treatment, and that he’s far from the best person.

Now a woman named Deborah Simmons, claiming to be his ex-girlfriend, is stepping up and revealing some more interesting information. According to Simmons, Carrano had been looking to get fired for some time and collect his severance from WWE.

If that’s indeed the case, Marc Carrano got exactly what he wanted with his release from the company. He’ll certainly receive a nice payment on his way out, and with his home being paid off, he may not be too bothered.