LA Knight Has A Big Surprise Planned


LA Knight is now the new Million Dollar Champion and will carry on the legacy of Ted DiBiase after defeating Cameron Grimes at NXT: TakeOver In Your House.

Knight who basked in his big moment along with Ted DiBiase after the match has stated before exactly how much DiBiase and the Million Dollar Championship meant to him growing up. In fact after he found out that the title would be involved in his storyline and it was shown to him, Knight got a little bit choked up.

While speaking on Busted Open Radio, LA Knight talked about his victory at NXT Takeover: In Your House. Knight also talked about Ted Dibiase and revealed that he has a big surprise lined up.

“Ted’s still going to be around. I need him, I want him to be there. I think I have a pretty big surprise coming for him, because I owe him, big time at this point. So I definitely want to make sure that he’s around for sure.”

We’ll have to see what LA Knight has in store and we should find out soon enough.

Being the Million Dollar Champion and having Ted DiBiase at their side did wonders for the careers of stars like Steve Austin and it could very well do the same for LA Knight.

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