Keith Lee getting new theme music at WWE Payback?

Keith Lee WWE

Ever since Keith Lee debuted on RAW this week with new theme music and a new look fans have been buzzing on social media, but not in a good way.

There’s been a huge amount of backlash toward WWE with the feeling being that the company is messing with things that aren’t necessary and already beginning to ruin the former NXT Champion.

Keith Lee addressed the issue noting that it was out of his hands right now. However, he did let everyone know that he would be working on it.

That hasn’t stopped fans from continuing to lash out at the company. In fact a petition was recently created to get him his theme back which you can check out here.

That may all be on unnecessary though if a new report is to be believed. An account on Twitter named ArenaTaping is now claiming that Lee will be debuting a new theme at Payback this weekend.

Keith Lee New Theme Music For WWE Payback

We‘ll have to see what happens but that would certainly be great news. Hopefully a change of attire follows soon after so fans can fully Bask In The Glory of Keith Lee on RAW.

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