Johnny Gargano Pitching New “Buddy Cop Movie” With Samoa Joe To WWE


Johnny Gargano has done just about everything when it comes to WWE NXT including being a former NXT Champion and North American Champion. The leader of The Way has been a true staple of the black and gold brand.

However, even with as much as he’s done there’s something he’s never done which he apparently has a lot if interest in, and that’s be in a movie.

While speaking to Sportskeeda, Gargano revealed that he has pitched the idea of acting in a buddy cop movie with Samoa Joe to WWE Studios.

“Obviously to have a mind like Samoa Joe…to have a guy like Samoa Joe who is an absolute legend. You can’t replace what he knows and you can’t replace his insight, and obviously as a character, he has been so fun to have on the show. I pitched that after he saved me from getting runover by a motor-vehicle that obviously there is a buddy-cop movie in the future. Me and Samoa Joe, buddy cop movie! I think it writes itself! So…I’m gonna keep pitching. I know we’ve got a movie studio…So…I’ll see what I can do!”


The idea of Johnny Gargano and Samoa Joe acting in a cop movie together definitely sounds entertaining. Now we’ll just have to see if it happens.

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