Impact Wrestling Results 5/20/21 Wrestling Gods Collide & New Champions Crowned!

Impact Wrestling Results 5/20/21

** Impact Wrestling Results 5/20/21 ** 

  • Rohit Raju defeats Jake Something. Shera grabbed Jake Something’s ankle to ensure that Rohit Raju would receive the 3 count. After the match, Jake Somethinh attacks Shera and uses a chair and a table. Rohit Raju watches on the sidelines. 
  • Taylor Wilde talks about how she come out of retirement to win the Knockouts Championship. Tenille Dashwood comes and informs Taylor Wilde and Gia that she has a singles match with Kiera Hogan. Tenille talks about how if she can beat one half of the tag team champions that that put them in line for a tag team title match. Taylor Wilde talks about how they are not a tag team and she did not appreciate seeing Kaleb (with a K) cheating at Under Siege. Taylor Wilde says “that is not how [she] rolls.” 
  • Rachael Ellering and Jordynne talk about how they are upset that lost the Knockout Tag Team titles and how they are focused on getting them back. Jordynne says she is going to go to Scott D’Amore’s office to talk about a rematch. 
  • Tenille Dashwood defeats Kiera Hogan. After the match Tasha Steelz attacks Tenille and Kaleb runs in. Deonna Purrazzo, Susan and Kimber Lee run out and help Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz beat down Tenille. Taylor Wilde runs out to make the save followed by Havok who clears out the ring. As Deonna Purrazzo, Susan, Kimber Lee, Tasha Steelz, and Kiera Hogan attempt to run, Decay blocks their main exit and they run off to the side and backstage. 
  • Jordynne announces that her and Rachael Ellering have a match tonight. Turns out, they have a match against each other later tonight! 
  • Finjuice talk about their title match later tonight against Madman Fulton and Ace Austin. They talk about how they are going back to Japan tomorrow and they will return to Japan still the tag team champions. 
  • Petey Williams defeats VSK. 
  • Rich Swann talks about his match as Rebellion and how he bounced back since his loss to Kenny Omega. He talked about how W. Morrissey came into Impact Wrestling and how he has been trying to destroy it. Rich Swann says he is “not down with that.” W. Morrissey attacks Swann mid-interview and throws him out of the building. 
  • Looks like TJP is winning big at the Swinger’s Palace as he starts giving money to the Swingerellas. Falla Bah is since wearing a dress and saying he is “paying his debts” to Swinger. TJP clears Falla Bah’s debt by “rolling an eightball.” TJP talks about how he needs Falla Bah because he needs his tag team partner. Petey Williams says he is has better chemistry with Josh Alexander anyways and he plans on teaming with him. Decay shows up and Hernandez kicks them out. 
  • Moose comes out to the ring and says he’s the new #1 contender to the Impact Wrestling World Championship. He says Kenny Omega has beaten guys like Okada, Jericho and Moxley, but he’s a different evil. He’s a 5 star athlete and a walking legend. He says the guys Omega’s beaten can’t lace up his boots. Moose says he respects that Omega calls himself the Wrestling God but he’s the undisputed Wrestling God. He says in Greek mythology a lot of Gods tried to knock Zeus off Mt. Olympus but they couldn’t. He says at Against All Odds he will.

    • Kenny Omega interrupts and Don Callis says Moose might just be the most physically talented star in pro wrestling, perhaps even more than Omega. Callis says Moose has all the talent in the world, but he can never get the results because he couldn’t win the world title in Ring Of Honor or win a SuperBowl. Callis says at Against All Odds that Moose is going to come up short like he always does.

    • Moose tells Callis that if he keeps talking he’ll put his head up Omega’s a**. Kenny Omega steps between them and says Moose might be big and bad, but if he keeps talking that way he might have to hit him with the One Winged Angel. Moose tells him to go ahead and try and Omega calls out The Good Brothers. Moose gets ready to fight and the lights go out. Sami Callihan appears with a pipe and clears the ring as Omega, Callis and The Good Brothers run backstage.

    • Moose finds Sami Callihan backstage and says he won’t thank him because he didn’t need his help. Callihan says he didn’t expect a thank you and that he is sick of Omega and The Good Brothers. Callihan says whoever wins at Against All Odds he’s coming for the Impact Wrestling World Championship.

  • Rachael Ellering defeats Jordynne Grace. 
  • Brian Myers talks about his hatred for Matt Cardona. Matt Cardona comes into the hallway and “Bad Mood Brian” attacks him. 
  • FinJuice defeat Madman Fulton and Ace Austin via pin fall. VBD come out and enter the ring. VBD are calling their shot and cash in their trophy. Rhyno and Joe Doering now have a match for the tag team titles against FinJuice. Rhyno and Joe Doering defeat FinJuice and become the new Tag Team Champions!

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