Drew McIntyre Responds To “Grandpa” Wade Barrett Who Said He Would Embarrass Him When He’s Ready


Wade Barrett is back in WWE but in a commentary role. The former Nexus leader is one of the voices on NXT Wednesday nights.

Although he isn’t currently and active superstar this hasn’t stopped fans from clamoring for his return between the ropes. Barrett recently spoke to BT Sport and had some interesting comments. He noted that when the time was right if he wanted to he could get in the ring and batter and embarrass McIntyre leaving him begging for mercy.

That didn’t sit to well with the current WWE Champion who responded on social media.

Barrett noted recently that although his in-ring career likely wouldn’t be much longer, he would still come back if it involved Drew McIntyre or the WWE Championship. He stated that it’s the one thing he still wants to accomplish.

It certainly feels like WWE is planting the seeds here and setting something up. It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve done something like this either. If it goes down its a feud fans would be on their feet for. Are the winds of change blowing again? They just might be so get ready.

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