Aleister Black Discusses The Recent Changes To His Character


Aleister Black is arguably one of WWE’s most talented stars. Black is the full package and can do it all, he also HAD a great gimmick.

However, we previously reported some time ago at TRR that Vince McMahon was looking to make some changes to his character. Word was that McMahon felt that Black wouldn’t be able to sustain his “dark” character long term. This made a lot of fans unhappy, as there were a large majority who felt Black was on a path to big things and was just fine how he was. For what it’s worth that includes Paul Heyman, who was a big supporter of Black before being fired from his position as the head of RAW creative a few months ago.

Since that time Black has essentially floundered around on WWE TV unfortunately, and has been engaged in a feud with Kevin Owens.

Black recently spoke to Sports Illustrated about his character change and had the following to say:

“Initially, I want to establish this character. I want to establish this entrance, I want to establish this aesthetic. I want people to understand this character to the fullest extent. My character has always been designed to generate a response. I want this character to be a fundamental piece within the WWE universe that is understood and can move forward on this chessboard, and eventually get to the point where we have title matches. If those title matches somehow fail, then what is the consequence? Then what happens? I don’t want to do this for a while, then do that for a while. I want there to be multiple outros and intros for any type of storyline where I get involved.”

It appears that Black is trying to make the best of the cards he’s being dealt. It’s certainly a good approach and hopefully he reaches the heights in WWE career that he deserves.

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