Dario Cueto Makes Big Return As Leader Of Azteca Underground

Dario Cueto Azteca Underground
MLW just had their big season finale and former Lucha Underground boss Dario Cueto was revealed to be the leader behind Azteca Underground.

For those that haven’t heard yet Azteca Underground is the reboot of Lucha Underground under a different name and the MLW banner. We’ve been covering the situation for the last few months which you can read all about at The Ringside Roster and even spoke to some big former Lucha Underground stars about its revival.

It’s expected to be the same concept and factory type setting. In fact in his big reveal they made sure to note that they’re back in Boyle Heights building a new temple for the believers. It was also teased that July 10th in Philadelphia, Dario Cueto will be there and he may not be coming alone. You can check out that video below and skip ahead to the last few minutes.

We can’t wait to see how everything plays out and which stars Azteca Underground is able to bring on board. See you at the temple soon!