TRR Exclusive: Former Lucha Underground Stars Comment On It’s Possible Return


We reported earlier today at The Ringside Roster that Lucha Underground the popular and gritty wrestling show which ran from 2014-2018 was reportedly in current talks for possible return under a different name while bringing the same factory type setting and feel as the original.

Following our previous report, we spoke to several former top Lucha Underground personalities who wished to remain anonymous that commented on the news of possible reboot. One source we spoke with said “I don’t know s***! But if it happens and I get a call I would be there in a heartbeat!” while another stated “Iv’e heard some stuff about it, but I haven’t been contacted just yet. However I would definitely be up for it.”

For right now it seems like talks are in the very early stages. At this point, it’s also unclear which network the show would be on as the El Rey Network which it aired on closed down in 2020. One thing is clear however and that’s that both fans and talent alike are very interested in a possible comeback. In addition to bringing back some farmilar names, the return of a show like Lucha Underground could be a great place for several upcoming or currently underutilized talents to showcase their skills on a larger stage with more opportunities. As we always say the more wrestling options there are the better it is for everyone. Wer’e ready to return to The Temple like yesterday!

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