Former WCW Star Daffney Unger Sadly Passes Away At 46


Last night former WCW Star Daffney Unger/Shannon Spruill hosted a very disturbing live stream. She was visibly in a very bad state threatening self hard and reportedly had a gun.

Since that time the authorities were called and had gone to find her at her most recent address along with her family. Upon arriving they had trouble gaining entry to the property due to reasons with the law and being able to enter the residence. That’s where things left off last night.

We’ve been following the story since and have been receiving updates from people close to her such as April Hunter and Lexie Fyfe. We now have an update on the situation this afternoon and sadly it’s not a good one at all.

We’ve learned at The Ringside Roster via Lexie Fyfe who spoke to SHIMMER Women’s Wrestling that Spurill has sadly passed away.

It’s a terrible situation and out thoughts are with her family friends and fans at this time. Daffney Unger was a true trailblazer in wrestling and will be missed by many.

Daffney Unger
Daffney Unger

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